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  • Sunday, 02.10.2011
    As you can see we have tweaked our layout here and there. Going along with this a new Ticket and a huge Knowledgebase System has been integrated.
    Incase of any Problems or General Questions always take a first look into the Knowledgase that becomes frequently updated.
  • Friday, 04.03.2011
    The USA Server has also been updated to a more stable, faster Server. All USA Costumers download your new Config file in order to connect.
  • Tuesday, 01.03.2011
    To optimize the performance the Russia Server has been updated and replaced. All RU Costumers must download your new Config file in order to connect. just recently published a review about us.

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Posted on 08 Jun 2016

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Posted on 06 Jun 2016

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Posted on 31 Oct 2015

What is ?

- - provides a secure and private connection within a public network (e.g. the Internet). This connection is obtained through a method, called tunneling, where the data to be transferred is broken up into smaller 'packets' encrypted and are subsequently sent through the virtual tunnel created. The connection gets established via the Open Source Software OpenVPN (or L2TP/IPsec(IKEv1/IKEv2), Squid & Socks5 proxy). We provide by default a secure 256 Bit AES-CBC encrypted connection to our servers located all over the world where all traffic is directed through them! PLEASE NOTE: that if you do choose to use one of many free proxy services there is a great chance that your credit card and/or passwords will be subject to fraud because they log your activity!

With you can anonymize and encrypt your entire Internet activities. Regardless, whether you like to simply browse, keep a blog, write e-mails / ftp, run a business, transfer money, download images, exchange files or chat, you will always be unobserved and safe.

What other...

Benefits of using our nVpn service:

[+] Provides a layer of security and anonymity by hiding your real IP address
[+] Use Skype, Yahoo and Google Talk in Middle East and Asia. Visit censored/blocked websites in Iran, Qatar, China, Turkey and many more
[+] Securely encrypted connection between your PC and the Internet (256 Bit AES-CBC / SHA512 as default and alternatively 128 Bit Blowfish-CBC / SHA1)
[+] Your ISP/office/school CANNOT monitor your activities
[+] Unmetered bandwidth and NO Speed throttling
[+] Port Forwarding - open the ports you desire in your client area, ports are then opened instantly & automatically without any delay! (No more need to Portforward in your router setup)
[+] Anti Port-Clash function: Even on Shared IPs your chosen port(s) - and by that your assets - are safe. Two members can never clash using the same port(s) at the same time
[+] :443 IP with TCP Protocol can be chosen from inside Members Area instantly without any interventions needed. Allows to bypass almost all University/Workplace
/School/Firewall restrictions (good for places where OpenVPN's default UDP port is blocked)
[+] Server Switch possibility in Members Area - (1x FREE of charge) - change to 61 Countries (including 4870 IPs) in seconds, fully automatic without any delay.
[+] Instant setup and delivery to your mailbox, no need to wait, pay and go, like in McDonalds drive by : )!
[+] Server Emergency function: Incase a Server downtime occurs (a rare event) the affected Members receive a free Switch slot to another alternative Country, as always fully automaticated. By this method: an alltime 100% Access is guaranteed. You will always be able to access another alternative Country, incase the original Country is undergoing a downtime for more than 30-45 minutes.
[+] L2TP/IPsec(IKEv1 and IKEv2*New*): Every subscription plan includes the L2TP/IPsec protocol in BOTH variants as IKEv1 or IKEv2
[+] Squid and SOCKS5 Proxy*New*: Every subscription plan includes a SQUID and SOCKS5 proxy. More info what a Squid and a SOCKS5 proxy is can be found in the knowledgebase. Both Proxies are setup to support SSL Encryption in combination with "stunnel" making it an encrypted Proxy
[+] Anti DPI (Deep Packet Inspection)*New*: Additional measurements to bypass DPI (for countries like China and its great firewall, Iran..) have been setup using OpenVPN over SSL mode and/or the xorpatch